LibreCAD – Layers and Print Preview


Anyone who was using CAD programs has encountered layers. Their role is to group drawing elements with user-defined properties. They significantly simplify drawing creation and subsequent viewing or printing. LibreCAD, of course, has a layer management feature as well.

Pen Selection

The menu is located at the top left of the program window. To enable / disable menu right click (within any toolbars) and Pen Selection or from the main menu: ViewToolbarsPen Selection. We use it to change the “pen” we draw. Usually we use the pen menu menu option for small drawings (when not using Layers) and when the layer requires different properties (e.g. width line). When we have defined layers whose properties do not want to change, all options should be set to: by layer.

Options Pen Selection toolbar.

Layer List

By default, the Layer List is on the right. To enable / disable menu right click (within any toolbars) and Layer List or from the main menu: ViewToolbarsLayer List

Layer List

1. Show all layers, 2. Remove all layers, 3. Add a layer, 4. Remove the current layer, 5. Modify the layer attributes / rename , 6. current layer, 7. Layers options

  • Layer creation

We have identical options here as in the Pen Selection: Color, Width, Line Type. Selected checkbox Construction Layer means that the layer being created will be the construction layer, so its lines will extend in infinity (this layer is not visible in the printout).

Layer creation

Layer 0 is the default layer and is used to define block geometry. Layers 0 can not be deleted.

  • Layers options

Visibility of layers

Enabling or disabling this feature makes our layer visible or not in the drawing

Layer lock

Enabling the lock causes that all the objects in the our layer can not be edited


Enabling or disabling this feature will cause our layer to be included in or omitted in print

Construction Layer

Enabling this feature causes our layer to become a construction layer

Print Preview

First, set the parameters of the print, so we enter the main menu: EditCurrent Drawing Preferences. In the Paper tab we set the format size and orientation (Landscape, Portrait). Also see other tabs where you can change settings for units, grid, dimensions, or splines. To view the print preview, click on the icon or from the main menu: FilePrint Preview. There is a tool options for print preview at the top. Here we can adjust the scale of our drawing, change the colors to black and white or center the print.

Print Preview

In order for our print to fit perfectly with the drawing drawn, set the scale to 1: 1

We can print the finished drawing by clicking on the icon and selecting the printer or from the main menu: FilePrint. We can also export it to pdf or image by clicking on the main menu: FileExportExport as PDF / Export as image

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