FreeCAD course – Shaft, drawing dimensioning

Drawing dimensioning workbench is not available in standard versions of Freecad. It must be installed, in version 0.17 by Addon manager (Main menu: Tools → Addon Manager), in older versions manually:  Inkscape is a multiplatform-platform Open Source program for vector graphics, used here to simple copying and moving elements and hatching.



  •   There is also Techdraw workbench available in the 0.17 Freecad version, which is used for dimensioning views. In my opinion, although it has features such as sections or hatching, it is less functional and intuitive than Drawing Dimensionig. However, it is worth to test it yourself. In time, I will try to present it on the channel.
  • The film is supposed to show the possibilities of the program. The dimensions and descriptions used of the views should be taken with some reserve.

Download files:

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